There’s a whole lotta local love going down this week in the Detroit area. Namely, the Metro Times Blowout (yes, it is a weekly mag lovingly supporting culturemakers). 

Performing at the fest this Thursday is Passalacqua, and in cooperation with fellow emcee and bon vivant Doc Waffles, they’re dropping a new split 7” March 1 with House Phone, a funk/soul/r&b/rock band on the rise.

With all the great collaborating Passalacqua does locally, 1/2 of the group is also branching out and making waves as a solo artist. Released last month, “That That” is one track out five produced by Britain’s Dr. B: I love the classic warmth of violin, sax and piano beneath Mister’s punchy vocals, so I caught up with Mister via email to talk about his current creative pursuits. 

MM: A solo project! What about Passalacqua?
MISTER: It’s a solo project, yes. Passalacqua is alive and well, but I’ve been sitting on a lot of solo material (5 EP’s worth, to be exact), and it’s about time I release some of it.

MM: What’s the song’s inspiration?
MISTER: This song was written during a time of tumult, dealing with past relationship woes. I prefer to avoid saccharine lyrics at all costs, so the end result was a track reminiscing about the fragility of past relations. That’s what the beat dictated to me, at least. 

MM: Who’s Dr. B?
MISTER: Been working with him for years — he’s responsible for the production on Passalacqua’s debut EP. Our styles seem to mesh quite well with one another.

MM: Name your favourite Detroit emcee. Why?
MISTER: That’s a tall order! Since How To Shoot Quail is in heavy rotation right now, I’ll say Doc Waffles. His lyrics have an unparalleled imagery, and all of his songs have a density that I admire greatly.

MM: What’s next for you?
MISTER: Metro Times Blowout… [and] a lot of shows in the Detroit/Ann Arbor area through the spring. 2 solo EP’s that should be out before June (fingers crossed). Passalacqua mini-tour in the summer. Balancing solo w/ Passalacqua’s the objective. So far so good, I suppose.

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