Track of the Day. Tunde Olaniran - Brown Boy

Tunde has been releasing fresh tracks for a long time. I first heard him on CLP’s Supercontinental in 2008 and picked it up for Minced Meat Radio, no question. Tunde just released Yung Archetype and was mentioned in New York Times, lauded for his vocal abilities (and fresh style).

This powerful video is both humble and proud, and I love Tunde’s range. He’s the whole package!

Track of the Day. (I Know Your) Face by LAL.

The stunning video is the second one produced for members of LAL by director by Calvin Hudson Hwang.

Hwang is also about to direct a video for an up-and-coming electronic soul artist out of Toronto, Ivanunknown.

Ivanunknown is raising funds through Kickstarter to get the video underway.

Donate here: http://kck.st/1jzEjzO

LAL: lalforest.bandcamp.com


(Source: vimeo.com)